Mar 052014

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Feb 152013

Taken from the Natures Own website

The human body needs certain levels of nutrients for optimum health; anything less and it is more susceptible to disease. Food had the ability to supply all the nutrients we needed for optimum health. However, over the past 50 years, the nutrient content of our diets has changed dramatically because:

Our food choices are now predominately for nutrient depleted foods
Even for those who eat 3-plus-a-day portions of fruit and veg, there is mineral depletion of the soil. As a result, fewer minerals are found in plants and the animals which graze on them
We eat both mineral-depleted plants and mineral-depleted animals. There is a big gap in the nutritional status of most people today, and even a wholesome diet of organic food will not always be able to supply all our nutrient requirements

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We are able to supply Natures Own products at a discount for Health Club members.

The Replete Offer at a group discount to Health Club members only 50p a day.

The assistance required for health by people prepared to eat, drink and act properly is easily packaged. You need to make up the 30% of you mineral needs now lacking from most food, and get as much anti-oxidant support as you can to resist ageing and pollution as strongly as possible.

We are delighted that with generous help we can now provide the new Replete package at genuine wholesale rates.

Replete One (minerals, with supporting vitamins) £10.

Replete Two (natural anti-oxidants) £21.

One of each bought together £30, still 30% less than retail price.
With a free copy of “The State of Our Food”, a book in which Peter explains it all,.
We are able to do this at cost to encourage as many health- club members to give it a try.

A one-a-day Food State multivitamin and mineral – uniquely provides nutrients in the same form as those in food

High in B vitamins, it also provides good levels of other vitamins and all minerals, including calcium and magnesium

An exceptionally powerful antioxidant formula!


Replete 2

Each capsule has an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score of 5,000 units. This shows exceptionally high antioxidant activity, when you consider that 5 portions of fruit and vegetables (in the average British diet) yield only 1,500 ORAC units. Flavonoids serve as protective nutrients in plant tissue to protect the plant (and, in particular, it’s DNA) against external threat, and once consumed by humans they act in the same way. Flavonoids come in a variety of different colour pigments, and each has a different protective action. For this reason, Replete 2 contains flavonoids from the full colour spectrum and the most potent of each group.

Replete 2 supplies 650mg mixed flavonoids and 15mg mixed carotenoids.

Feb 152013

Headache is probably the commonest symptom of all, suffered by almost everyone at some time or another. Seldom can your doctor find anything dreadful to account for it like high blood pressure, meningitis or brain tumour. A new or very severe headache certainly merits your doctor’s attention, especially if you cannot bend your neck or bear the light; but once these and other treatable causes have been ruled out or dealt with, most headaches are still unexplained.

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Feb 062013

Wherever two of your bones meet, a joint occurs. There are four kinds which matter: the cushion joints between the bones of your neck and back; the rolling joints between long bones, as in your legs and arms; the sutures — elaborately jig-sawn piano hinges — between the separate bones of your head; and the cartilage joints between the fronts of your ribs and your breast bone.

Where you have a joint, it is intended to move; any that stiffen will eventually seize up for good. The only kind which can do that easily are your rib joints, which gradually lose their suppleness in the process of ageing. The others only fuse if they are badly injured, or destroyed by arthritis. The joints in your head move very little, but quite enough to permit important rhythmic pulsations to reverberate freely through your nervous system, and from there to your limbs.

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Feb 062013

Your joints are specialized for hard mechanical work. An ordinary circulation would be torn or crushed whenever you moved, so each joint is bathed in a fluid that oozes out of blood vessels in its capsule, and is massaged back and forth as it moves. This is much slower than the arrangements elsewhere in your body, and cannot cope with rapid metabolism or healing. But it refreshes and nourishes the joint surfaces quite fast enough to cope with the modest demands of healthy cartilage that is not being abused.

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Jan 282013

Stress is engineers jargon for the load on a structure; strain is the bending it causes, which may or may not be damaging. This idea was borrowed by Hans Selye when he began to study how animals respond to challenge. But being new to English he confused stress with strain, and set people thinking that stress includes strain automatically. Selye showed, on the contrary, that the level at which a stress produces harmful strain varies according to circumstance and circumstances can be changed. Continue reading »