Jul 142017

The company was a company limited by guarantee. We have now changed the company structure to one that allows a wider community ownership. The new structure has been registered and accepted by co-operatives UK and we are now a Community Benefit Society (CBS) – see https://www.uk.coop/developing-co-ops/model-governing-documents/charitable-community-benefit-society


We have set up a small steering committee to help the transition and we would like to invite you to a meeting to learn about how you can buy shares and be involved in this exciting opportunity The meeting at the Ecocentre at 7pm on the 27th July. Please confirm if your wanting to attend .

In brief, the CBS will be renting (from home farm).

  • 20 acres of edible (fruits and nuts) woodland, 4500 edible trees with a grass base for sheep.
  • 1 acre of agroforestry (all edible).
  • The Ecocentre buildings , and gardens.
  • Eco-barn with workshop, currently used by Men in Sheds and other groups.

The CBS will own

  • A Ferguson T20 vintage tractor , and trailer.
  • Small numbers of sheep, goats, geese and chickens.
  • Plus other items.