How the EcoCentre was built



The Eco centre was built in 2010 and is the hub of Farmeco Community Care Farm.  This family run working farm has been here since 1933.



The “eco” building has been designed using sustainable principles, aiming for the highest environmental values.

It features walls constructed from straw bales that were produced at the farm! This and other innovative building methods results in a highly-insulated structure which has a small carbon footprint.

Advanced design and build has provided a comfortable and stable internal environment in the Eco centre, which requires minimal heating and lighting energy input. These low impact technologies serve as a demonstration of what is possible using sustainable building.

Included in the highly efficient and truly eco-friendly design is;

  • A green, sedum plant roof, reducing water runoff, reducing the building’s carbon footprint and creating new habitats for birds and wildlife
  • The outline that the roof provides has now become part of our logo – stand at the back & have a look!
  • Walls of rammed-earth thermal mass wall provides a heat store; this works by absorbing heat from the sunspace, and releasing it when temperatures drop at night
  • Straw bales, a waste product from the farm, results in a highly-insulated structure which has a small carbon footprint
  • Triple glazed south facing windows
  • Recycled timber floor
  • Steel substructure sitting on block pads, which both reduces the concrete use of the building and minimizes ground disturbanceunder floor heating being layed down
  • Passive solar techniques maximize the heat gain from the sun and introduces high levels of natural light, reducing the need for heating
  • External doors and windows are argon-filled triple glazed, with warm-edge spacers
  • Electrical installation has used low energy fittings and lamps, 100% recycled flexible PVC conduit, and also includes activity monitors
  • The electricity supply is 100% renewable energy from Good Energy
  • Solar hot water and harvesting rain water from the green roof
  • Toilets are waterless, solids are composted and urine is separated then diluted for use as a fertilizer.


Eco centre Construction Photo Gallery

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