Jul 142017


We were hoping to announce a new partnership to run the new cafe kitchen but this sadly has not come to fruition. We are looking for either a business partner to rent the Kitchen or someone interested in running the enterprise for the CBS. Sadly the kitchen is not open at the moment, but the facilities are available to rent or hire.

For rental options please email David for details.


Alternative option running the enterprise for the CBS.

Employment of a Manager -Cook – Instructor, (and support team )

The Job description

Sourcing and ordering food products; maintenance of equipment; preparing food; leading or co-ordinating training/workshops;

running the Cafe link up with the FCC Management Committee;

accountability for cash; liaison with other Farmeco activities on the farm as follows:

  • supporting management committee with farm visits
  • organising events and workshops
  • creating flyers and promotional material
  • web site updates.


Job requirements

Level 2 Certificate in Food Hygiene.

We require a person who is a good communicator and who enjoys organising events, marketing and work on a computer.

A person who is honest, hard working, a good time keeper, passionate about local food and it would be helpful if the person was able to drive.

Please contact David Rose by email David@farmeco.co.uk or Call 07855252151

We also need help with the gardens around the Ecocentre , people with gardening experience to help those who don’t have, again please email if your able to give a hand.