What Does the Ecocentre Do?


1. The business name
The Ecocentre Community Care Farm

2. Our strap line / Vision:
“Promoting healthy food and healthy futures”

3. Our mission:
“Reconnecting people with food and farming”

4. Our goals

• Educating young people around food and farming
• Supporting health and wellbeing
• Delivering Green Care (Green Care = health & wellbeing benefits from working outside)
• Providing a venue for business meetings, corporate packages, training & events in a farm setting.

5. What is the business?
The Ecocentre Community Care Farm, is a social enterprise and the Ecocentre is the hub of our Care farm activity.
Care farming is the therapeutic use of farming practices. It provides health, social and educational care services in a farm setting.

6. What is our history?
The farm is run by third generation farmer, David Rose. The family has run the original farm since 1933, when Stanley Clarke first came to Screveton. His daughter & son-in-law, Margaret & Peter Rose then took over.
In recent years David, their son has championed and developed the Ecocentre alongside the running of the main farm.
To support the farm to diversify, we now have two independent trading arms, firstly as a commercial farming business and secondly as a care farm based in the Ecocentre.
Both the Farm and the Care Farm are working to develop permaculture practices that are ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems for creating sustainable ways of living. In addition the farm is working with the Woodland Trust to develop an Agro Forestry Scheme where trees are grown in association with crops, pastures and livestock.
The Ecocentre is located on the main farm at Home Farm, off Lodge Lane, Screveton.

7. What does the Ecocentre do?

• Education
We offer land based educational activities for schools and youth groups with an emphasis on food and farming. The straw built Ecocentre offers a unique class room and a great base to study sustainability and the environment.

• Health & Wellbeing
We have a constantly evolving range of activities at the Ecocentre to help people reconnect with the land and take charge of their health and wellbeing especially through Green Care outdoor activities. Also including yoga, health meetings, bread making classes and the use of our outside oven to make pizzas.

• Provide a venue
We provide a tranquil unique space for business meetings, corporate packages, training / educational workshops and events with catering in a rural setting.

8. What can the Ecocentre offer?
• Farm trailer rides in a purpose built covered trailer (with disabled access)
• Nature walks
• Farm tours to meet the animals
• Green Care activities (health benefits from working outside)
• Woodland School activities in our wood
• Yoga classes
• Bread making classes
• Pizza making using our outside oven
• A health club with Dr Peter Mansfield
• School visits
• Educational workshops
• Events
• Corporate packages such as Clay pigeon shooting
• A venue for meetings or social gatherings
• A separate training kitchen for 16 students

And on Saturday mornings, a community café selling breakfast and refreshments.

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